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Next Generation Theatre

Next Generation Theatre was established, in part, to provide opportunities for younger persons to perform. It is, of course, open to persons of all ages. Initially conceived as a theatre company, NGT has branched out into short film making as well. 

It is essentially a Pro-Am company which may often work with actors on a profit-sharing basis.

Our annual programme usually consists of one-act plays performed in small venues but there are considerations for performing full length plays in the future. 

It may be possible to perform at other venues than those advertised if requested. Normally the minimum age of our performers would be 16 years but on special occasions younger persons may be involved. Please enquire if you are interested in being part of Next Generation Theatre.

Past productions have been performed at The Walronds, (6 Fore Street, Cullompton, EX15 1JL) but on request other venues can be negotiated.

Two short films were complete in 2020 and are available on Youtube: Henry’s Wives and Under Pressure. Henry’s Wives may be viewed here 

Two more film projects are in the planning stage and anyone wishing to become involved should email us at

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